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Introduction to Mr. Dutton and His Services

Mr. Dutton is an experienced immigration attorney,  who also is an immigrant with personal experience of the U.S. immigration process. 

Mr. Dutton first practiced law as a barrister in London, United Kingdom.  He qualified from the University of Manchester, one of Europe's most prestigious schools, and began to practice law from the age of 22.  After he came to the United States on an H-1B visa, Mr. Dutton worked for a leading American law firm.  He subsequently qualified as a New York attorney and began his own immigration law practice in 2003.  Mr. Dutton has been an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association for more than 10 years.

Mr. Dutton's clients are diverse in nature: since 2003, he has worked with many thousands of individuals, small start-up I.T. companies, medium-sized companies, multinational corporations, universities, major regional hospitals - and even federal, state and local government agencies. 

Mr. Dutton has developed a niche through his representation of highly skilled professionals.  He is passionate about immigration law, and how it can be applied to help others achieve their American Dream.  This is why Mr. Dutton strives to offer high quality, affordable representation: "The American Dream at a Reasonable Price."   

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Introduction to this Website

This website contains useful information about immigration law, together with many of the services that Mr. Dutton provides.  We hope that you find the website useful, but with the understanding that its contents are not intended offer professional legal advice or representation in individual cases.


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